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About the site:

This is the place for you to come to get the latest information about the BITP program. You can find Important News and Updates, a Training Calendar, Helpful Resources and Links as well as link to all of the BITP Collaborative Partners. Use the left sided navigation bar to access different tabs. Individual partner programs can be accessed from the Collaborative Partner page. Throughout the site there are also "clickable links" to take you directly to partner home pages, useful resources etc. We hope you will regularly use this site to keep updated about changes in the system, to learn about upcoming trainings that may be of interest to you as well as to find contact information for other providers.

This site also offers a discussion page which will be regularly monitored by BITP staff. Please use this place to post questions, share information with your colleagues etc. We ask, however, that you remember that no patient identifying information should be posted and that answers to questions related to policies and procedures, unless provided by BITP staff directly, should be further verified.

About us:

The Baltimore City Infants and Toddlers Program relies on a number of community based partners to best meet the needs of children, birth to 5, in Baltimore City. If you are accessing this site, you are one of those important providers and it is necessary for you to understand your connection to the whole system.

Each county in the state, along with Baltimore City, make up the 24 jurisdictions that provide early intervention services. Some of these jurisdictions have the health department as their lead agency, while others have their lead agency in education. The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), through the Early Childhood Intervention and Education Division (ECIE) oversees all early intervention programs throughout the state. (Please see the Resources and Links tab for easy access to MSDE). One of the ways in which all I&T programs are monitored is through compliance with a State Performance Plan. Each of you plays a role in helping BITP meet these indicators. (Please see the Performance Indicators tab for a link to how we are doing).